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Post  YGO Party on Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:43 pm

Anime Forum Rules:
No content over PG-16
This mean there will be no form of pornography in any way shape or form. This also means that there will be restrictions on Swearing/Cussing to the extent of moderators. And there is some but minimal talking of body parts on the male and female body.
Moderators have final say over anything.
Moderators have final say on closing a topic or banning a member. They also have final say on a report if they report you to me I will mark that on my roster as a warning. If you argue with a moderator you will receive a 30% warning.
Warnings are when a member or moderator repots you. A warn is issued when a member has broken a rule. When I see a report I will mark it on my roster of users. I will give a percentage of warning depending on how bad it is I will add that warning level on your profile. If you remove the warn percentage it will be another 5% on your profile Depending on how bad the offense is I will give a percent from 5% to 100% when you reach 100% if this is your first 100% I will issue a 1 week ban if it is your 2nd a 3 week ban once you reach your 3rd it will be a permanent ban.
No Spamming
Spamming is defined as posting with no relevant relation to current topic. It is also defined as posting with 2 or less words. If this rule is broken it is and an automatic 15% warning.
If a moderator posts new rules go with those and otherwise have fun!!!

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